The intersection of genomics, proteomics and bioinformatics has created exciting possibilities for diagnosing and treating human disease.

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Innovative Products Research & Services, Inc. (IPRS) is a non-profit research and education foundation that has the experience and program in place to exploit the current unique intersection of disciplines of biology, chemistry, medicine, mathematics and computer technologies. The IPRS team has experience in dealing with technology development and commercialization. Dr. Job, our Chief Scientist, has experience in biological research and using computer technologies to further develop our understanding of disease processes and treatments. He has developed a network of collaborators to assist in developing models for biological systems to cut short the pathway of new drug discovery. We have identified a significant opportunity in furthering our understanding of the role of cations in metabolism and homeostasis. Homeostasis is that collection of interdependent reactions and systems that make the difference between being healthy, pain free and feeling good or being run-down, ailing or suffering from acute illnesses, pain and vulnerable to infections. The level of magnesium ions is critical to hundreds of enzymatic reactions in the body and is known to be involved in many diseases, yet its regulation and regulating entities are not well known.

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We need your support to accelerate our program of developing effective computer models for homeostatic mechanisms and to elucidate the mechanisms for magnesium ion regulation and their role in disease processes - diseases such as heart arrhythmia, maternal eclampsia, high blood pressure, cell replication dysfunction, deficient energy production, muscle and nerve hyper- or hypo-activity, diabetes and more. We need your support to help us develop an international collaboration between government, academic and industrial scientists.

Volunteer support is needed to assist in expanding the database of diseases and metabolic pathways in which magnesium ions play a role.  Experts in mathematics and computer programming are needed for developing models and simulations to enhance our communications and understanding of complex processes like enzyme kinetics and metabolic pathways.  Check Volunteer for volunteer opportunities or contact us using the email given below.

Financial support is needed at the following levels:

  Explorer      $250,000+ support multi-channel genomics/proteomic initiatives
  Patron         $100,000 - engage in protein discovery
  Benefactor   $ 50,000 - support university collaborations
  Sponsor       $   5,000 - finance outside laboratory testing
  Supporter     $   1,000 - support volunteer projects
  Friend           $     100 - support website maintenance

All donors will be kept informed of our research progress. Pledges for staged giving (such as regular monthly or quarterly donations) are encouraged. To discuss other giving options with our President, Dr. Donald Job, call 603 521-0491 or email him at:

IPRS, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit foundation. Our federal tax ID number is: 22-2938424
Make checks payable to IPRS, Inc. and mail to 1162 Falling Stream, Sanford, NC 27332
Our web site is:

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