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Welcome to IPRS's Website. On this page you will find background information about IPRS as well as important links to provide more details of our programs and of related resources.

IPRS is a non-profit corporation founded to conduct research in the creativity and innovation processes, to apply technology to solving problems of society, to be a catalyst for change through education and innovation and to empower inventors, creative thinkers and policy makers.

IPRS has received grants from the U.S. Department of Energy to develop models for inventor support programs with an emphasis on providing gap-filling services for inventors seeking to license their inventions.  Click on Research to see further details and learn about exciting initiatives in medical research headlined in our Magnesium Project and Maternal Health and a new one on Environmental Solutions.

IPRS is listed as a resource for inventors in a number of internationally distributed publications and continues to provide information to inventors including referrals to inventor support groups, useful materials and important web site linkages. Click on Services  for more details.

IPRS has also developed white papers on the U.S. patent system, and how increasing "harmonization" of U.S. patent laws could impact the independent inventor and America’s technological competitiveness. Find out more about our education initiatives by clicking on the Education button at the top. Our latest project on Environmental Solutions encompasses education, advocacy as well as research and service to the public.  Air pollution is not only an engineering challenge but also a public health issue.

If you would like to learn more about us, contact us or join us in our efforts to support American innovation and develop new approaches for better health through novel science and engineering and achieve better nutrition, please visit our more detailed Indexed Home Page.  This takes you to specific research topics as well as Global Initiatives, Volunteer Opportunities, Volunteer Resources, Feedback, Community and Donor pages and more.

Click on the links at the top to IPRS's major research and education programs as well as information on the services IPRS provides to the public.  One such service is a listing of resources for people dealing with various Disabilities.  

A brief History of IPRS and introduction to the management and directors is available.

External Links to other organizations of interest to inventors, researchers and educators are also provided.

You may also want to visit one of our sponsoring organizations: Enbede Co. or learn how to become a Sponsor.

There are various ways you can support our programs.  Take a minute to find out how: Donor opportunities.

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