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Innovative Products Research & Services, Inc.
a 501(c)(3) non profit organization chartered in Massachusetts
                           Putting Creativity to Good Use


Technology Transfer Services

    Finding new technologies - university, government, and private sources

The principals of IPRS have many years of experience in commercialization of new technology including networking with university, government and commercial laboratories and independent inventors and resource providers.  However, at present technology search activities are being carried out through another entity, Enbede Co.  You may contact Enbede directly regarding questions on patent searches, technology evaluations or marketing assistance or product design at Enbede Co.

   Consulting Services

The principals of IPRS have many years of experience in providing consulting services to inventors and entrepreneurs.  Through IPRS we can provide consultation to educational and government entities on issues of technology transfer, intellectual property protection, economic development and applied creativity. 

We also can assist non-profits in grant writing and identifying funding sources for innovative services to contribute to community development, develop partnerships between public, private and faith communities to provide services to those citizens on the margins.

Inventor Services

Due to current time and resource limitations, IPRS is not presently working directly with individual inventors. However our resource team does work with inventor organizations and we give referrals to other organizations that provide valuable services to inventors.  To view a number of resources for inventors click on Inventor Resources or on Links.  As an illustration of the hurdles often encountered by inventors and technology entrepreneurs, a case study is provided here of an inventor/engineer working to solve environmental problems.

Disabilities Services

One of the principals of IPRS has several years of experience working with technologies to assist persons with various physical disabilities including vision, hearing and mobility impairments. A past project was to develop a resource database that is hosted on the web so people can more easily find the resources they need. Click on Disabilities for further information or go directly to the LIST OF DISABILITIES RESOURCES.


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