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The intersection of biology, physics, mathematics and computer technology has created exciting possibilities for diagnosing and treating muscle pain.
Wouldn't you like to be part of the solution?

Innovative Products Research & Services, Inc. (IPRS) is a non-profit research and education foundation that has the experience and program in place to exploit the current unique intersection of disciplines of biology, chemistry, medicine, mathematics and computer technologies. The IPRS team has experience in dealing with technology development and commercialization. Dr. Job, our Chief Scientist, has experience in biological research and using computer technologies to further develop our understanding of disease processes and treatments. He has developed a network of collaborators to assist in developing models for biological systems. We have identified a significant opportunity in furthering our understanding of muscle pain. Muscle pain may result from a variety of conditions including stress, trauma, spasms, internal biochemical imbalances, infections and toxins. The balance of cations and anions is critical to normal functioning of nerve and muscle. Modeling these balances and associated regulatory mechanisms can provide new insight into treatment possibilities, treatments that address local conditions and thereby reduce unwanted side effects typical of central nervous system approaches.

Looking to create a legacy?
Looking to be a part of a significant program that will help alleviate human suffering
and lead to new medical discoveries?

We need your support to accelerate our program of developing effective computer models for regulation of cations in the body and at the local tissue level so that we can develop new treatments to alleviate muscle pain using fewer drugs. We need your support to help us develop an international collaboration between government, academic and industrial scientists.

Support is needed in the following categories:

<> Explorer             $250,000+
<> Patron                $100,000
<> Benefactor         $ 50,000
<> Sponsor             $ 5,000
<> Supporter           $ 1,000
<> Friend                $    100

All donors will be kept informed of our research progress. Pledges for staged giving (such as regular monthly or quarterly donations) are encouraged. To discuss other giving options with our President, Dr. Donald Job, call 603 521-0491 or email him at: donjob@enbede.com

IPRS, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit foundation. Our federal tax ID number is: 22-2938424
Make checks payable to IPRS, Inc. and mail to 1162 Falling Stream, Sanford, NC 27332
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