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Innovative Products Research & Services, Inc.
           a 501(3)(c) non profit organization based in Massachusetts
                            Putting Creativity to Good Use


Projects and Background

IPRS has conducted research for the U.S. Department of Energy’s Innovative Concepts program. The first grant was to pilot a program for providing gap-filling services to inventors with promising ideas. See Publications listing or Click here to read a summary of findings. (not active yet).

A second grant was made to develop a document on how to establish a support organization for inventors learning from the initial experience. See Publications listing or contact us to obtain a summary of findings.

IPRS has developed a number of white papers on the potential impact of "harmonization" of the U.S. Patent Laws with international practices. These briefs were presented as testimony before hearings held in Washington DC.  See Publications listing.

IPRS staff have worked with inventors from across the country on a wide variety of inventions and technologies running the gamut of low technology to high technology, consumer to industrial. This body of knowledge has been shared with various inventor groups, Innovation workshops sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy and with universities and schools. Some of the papers prepared for these presentations are available.  See Publications listing.

Several research initiatives are being carried forward in medical research.  One of these relates to research on muscle pain and developing models to increase our understanding of the underlying biochemistry and biophysics. Using systems biology approaches we are also developing models for the regulation of magnesium and other cations and their role in various diseases. We are also active in developing medical decisions support software.  See sponsorship opportunities for our soon-to-be-launched web portal on magnesium.  Click here.

Another project currently looking for sponsors is one dealing with novel uses of the Internet for delivering health care services information interactively and providing data analysis services to consumer and researcher alike.

One of our founders has experience in working with technology transfer for economic development in other countries. Initiatives were developed in areas such as agriculture and housing. Documenting those experiences is a project pending funding in the future.


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