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Environmental Solutions
Roles of Government

At the corporate or government agency level there are often strong forces at work to preserve the current system.  This may involve financial incentives, political pressures from special interest groups, stakeholder positions of power and influence or just plain indifference to the harm that might come to humanity or the earth and its inhabitants.

See Case Study of available technology at: Inventor's Highlight.

See a review of some current government policies, or those under consideration to encourage pollution mitigation and carbon reduction under  Policy Development. Issues/approaches include:

See also Transportation overview Transportation Sector.

A more detailed discussion of Carbon credits, and Economics/regional disparities of EV implementation is also available.
   Carbon Credits
   Economic Analysis of EV implementation in the United States.

In all of the foregoing, there are needs for individuals and groups with special interests to engage in advocacy for sensible solutions; solutions that contribute to the health and welfare of all citizens, as well as provide for the present and future "health" of planet Earth.  To examine further the roles and needs of advocates see the following:  Role of Advocacy.  That being said, there are many things that can be done now with current technology and within the purview of present regulations and policies.  Such issues include reducing pollution of our waterways, our air and our workplaces.  Plastics need to be disposed of in such as way as to not pollute our oceans and damage our food chain.  Solid wastes can be reduced and useful energy derived in the process. The hazards of lithium and other by-products of our electronic age need to be addressed immediately.  Volatile organics from painting is a huge issue that is minimally addressed.  Emissions from tires and brake linings on motor vehicles and aircraft are another contributor to air pollution.

U. S. Government Offices having oversight for environmental and energy solutions as well as better health.

DOT - Dept. of Transportation - infrastructure, charging stations for EV, alternative modes (trains, air, ships )
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) - responsible for fuel economy under the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) system and  assumed authority over greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).

DOE- Dept. of Energy - a number of National labs having different areas of focus such as the Argonne Labs that focuses on Energy options.  Oak Ridge focuses on nuclear power and Sandia Labs includes a Battery Safety and Testing System. The Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy funds emerging technology programs similar to DARPA.

EPA - Environmental Protection Agency - Air, Water and Solid Waste oversight

NIH - National Institutes of Health, part of the Dept of Health & Human Services

DOD - Dept. of Defense.  Different branches of the military purchase thousands of motor vehicles and aircraft in addition to tanks, jeeps, ships, etc).
        DARPA - Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.  Funds emerging technology programs.

DOA - Dept of Agriculture - Bio-fuels (alcohol, et al), price supports, carbon sequestration/deforestation

BLM - Bureau of Land Management/Interior Dept. - leasing of lands for fossil fuel extraction, pipelines

FDA - Food and Drug Administration - oversight of food safety, drugs, medical devices, radiation sources

Consumer Products Safety Commission

OSHA - Occupational Safety & Health Admin - workplace safety and health



Legislative Branch - House and Senate

U.S. Congressional Committee on Energy and Commerce.  Give oversight to EPA, FDA among others.
House of Representatives
2125 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
Tel. 202 225-4671

Judicial Branch - rulings on application/enforcement of laws

Executive Branch - Executive Orders

State-based Organizations

EPA/Environmental Quality Assurance Offices in each State

Economic Development Depts.

The Coalition for Clean Air (CCA) is based in California where 19,000 premature deaths related to air pollution occur in California every year. Due to efforts of CCA  along with those of California Climate Equity Coalition partners at  The Greenlining Institute Public Advocates and SCOPE LA and many other advocates.  Hundreds of millions of dollars in emissions-reducing programs flow to disadvantaged communities.  See more details on their website:  CCA has offices in Los Angeles (213) 223-6860 and Sacramento at 1107 9th Street, Suite 630, Sacramento, CA 95814, (916)-527-8048.

International Programs

United Nations
      World Health Organization (WHO)
      United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) -
     The Paris Accord of 2015 - adopted at COP 21 in Paris on 12 December 2015 and entered into force on
     4 November 2016.

BreatheLife Network" ) is a coalition of public health and climate change expertise providing guidance on implementing solutions to air pollution in support of global development goals.  Its major supporters include World Health Organization, Climate & Clean Air Coalition, United Nations (UN) Environment and The World Bank.

The Climate & Clean Air Coalition, hosted by UN Environment, is a collaborative global effort working towards protecting our climate and reducing air pollution to create a sustainable future for all.  See the following link:

Europe - Diesel engine regulations et al

Asian Pacific Environmental Network,

Specific Countries

Canada - Directive from Prime Minister - July, 2021 - to be Carbon-free by 2035

India - tbd

China - tbd

Other Asian Countries

Asian Pacific Environmental Network,

Finland et al.

South America - Brazil (see history of policy for bio-fuels development).


 Your help in adding the names of other government groups and key officials would be appreciated.  Send an email to:

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